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Gina's Adventures in Wonderland
Gina's Adventures in Wonderland

Thank god my best friend is coming in 25 days for our next Disney trip and my mom and I have been working very hard on my MNSSHP costume. I NEED DISTRACTIONS.

August 29, 1964 - Mary Poppins premieres in New York City

though walt envisioned walt disney world in florida, he died before it was built. on opening day in 1971, almost five years after his death, someone commented to mike vance, creative director of walt disney studios, “isn’t it too bad walt disney didn’t live to see this?”

"he did see it," vance replied simply. "that’s why it’s here."

"how to be like walt" — pat williams (via caitlinelizabethgrace)

Going to bed happy tonight! :)


Return to Oz - first appearance of the Wheelers.

I love that this movie is a Disney film - even regard it higher than the classic Wizard Of Oz, much stranger and more whimsical in terms of creatures and races, keeping in line with the Baum stories.

This movie is so under appreciated. It’s always been one of my favorites and I’ve introduced it to all of my friends (and probably scarred them for life.)

Concept art for Mary Poppins

assbutt-winchesters replied to your post “My phone interview is over!!!!!!!! I think it went well, DEFINITELY…”

I still havent gotten my email! :/

I’ve heard a few people have had to wait a whole day to get theirs and when I applied last year I had to wait until the next day. I feel like everything is a little off this season?

My phone interview is over!!!!!!!! I think it went well, DEFINITELY better than last time. It was 22 minutes long. I am currently rewarding myself with Chinese food. I will update with more info as soon as I can get organized!